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        The ABA- Brazilian Aquaponics Association was created to  from conversations between aquaponics enthusiasts who,  when they saw the growth of activity in Brazil, they joined together to seek greater support for this movement that  increases continuously in the country.


       In March 2020, we started to call aquaponists who were part of Social Networks and who approached the content in a practical way, and  they believed that creating an association would be the best way to conduct Brazilian aquaponics. In this perspective, in September we started to build our bylaws, which were approved at a meeting held in October. In addition, we are proceeding with the registration procedures at the municipal, state and federal levels. That's how we can  have all documentation ready in March 2021.


       Since then a big  number of people  has joined our cause. The participation of individuals with the Brazilian Aquaponics Association has grown in different spaces and scenarios,  continuously looking for solutions to the challenges that present themselves every day.


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