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MBBR media

MBBR media

SKU: 364215376135191

Do you know Bio Mídia Alfa?
Bio Mídia Alfa is used in biological filters, where they support bacterial growth. The parts are made of polypropylene, giving Mídia Alfa a weight close to that of water. The lightness of the part provides a greater and better movement of the same inside the biological filter, allowing the parts to be self-cleaning, so when a colony of bacteria dies it will be removed by moving the parts and a new colony will form in that location. The fact that Alpha Media is self-cleaning makes the bacterial colonies maintain their efficiency in the system constantly, avoiding ammonia peaks, caused by the low efficiency of the biological filter. The handling of the pieces also becomes more practical, as it is not necessary to clean them manually as happens with ceramic media, for example. The parts are made of plastic material, non-toxic and have high durability.
Biological filters have the function of providing the growth of nitrifying bacteria, where they will reduce ammonia (NH3) to nitrites (NO2-) and nitrites to nitrates (NO3-). Ammonia is excreted by fish and if not removed from the water becomes toxic to aquatic animals, thus, it is necessary to reduce it to nitrates, as this compound is less toxic than ammonia. Bio Mídia Alfa provides the location/surface for the constant growth and development of nitrifying bacteria, thus keeping the system's ammonia levels under constant control.
APPLICATION: Biofilter for Pisciculture, Aquaponics, aquariums and lakes.
Material: Polypropylene
Height/Diameter: 15mm X 30mm.
Unit weight: 3.2 grams.
Weight m3: 192 kg.
Number of pieces per m3: 60,000
Total surface area: 700 M2/M3
Protected surface area 525 M2/M3
Shape: Cylindrical with outer grooves and central fins.


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