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        Who we are?

         We are a non-profit entity. Our greatest asset is the people who are part of the association and intellectual capital that we manage to bring together, through the exchange of knowledge and experiences lived by each one.

       We are proud to have a multidisciplinary and ethical group, focused on research, the adoption of best practices and the dissemination of increasingly improved techniques, which aim to bring improvements to the sector.

          Our partners actively participate in the movement of aquaponic products and inputs, drawing more and more the profile of the desired activity  by our association.


         The purpose of ABA - Brazilian Aquaponics Association is to provide support to every Brazilian aquaponist, aiming to overcome difficulties and generate benefits for its members.

         Sharing knowledge, combining skills, supporting research, exploring new opportunities, strengthening   regional development and all  production chain, in addition to facilitating the supply  and the dissemination of aquaponic products.


          From this perspective, ABA aims to raise awareness among consumers and society about the benefits of aquaponics that, in addition to providing food,  healthy  with superior quality,  has sustainability and environmental protection as an added value, presenting itself as  primordial factors of our essence.

  Aquaponize! Come be part of this story

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